Traveller's Guide

Trip Prep

Once your tour is booked and confirmed, we will send you all the necessary information you will need to fully prepare for the trip of your life! Packing tips, cultural information and visa advice – we’ve got it covered. This guide sets you on your path to your adventure!




Climate & Weather

Winter (Dec – Feb) – cool and dry

Spring (Mar – May) – hot and dry

Monsoon (Jun – Sep) – mostly rainfall

Retreating monsoon (Oct – Nov) – cooler temperatures as the rain subsides

Given the nature of Pakistan’s geography, the climate varies depending on the region. Our tours work around the changing seasons. We will provide more detailed weather advice once you book your adventure. You can also find latest weather information here –


Urdu is the official language of Pakistan, but over 70 regional languages are spoken! English is widely spoken, particularly in the larger cities.


Pakistan’s currency is the Rupee (PKR). £1 equates to around 200 PKR (January 2020). Please check for a more accurate exchange rate closer to your travel time.

Credit Cards & ATMS

Cash is king so carry plenty of rupees with you for your trip. You can find ATMs in urban areas and most mountain towns. Your Tour Manager will be able to advise you when to stock up.

Alcohol & Drugs

Although not widely available in Pakistan, there are some places where non-Muslim tourists can legally buy alcohol. Geo Tours operate a strict zero policy in regard to drugs and illegal substances.

Culture + Customs

Pakistan is a conservative country, but it’s also one of the most curious and friendly! You might attract some interest from locals who want to ask you about yourself. The main religion is Islam. Hinduism, Christianity and other minority religions are also practiced. Dress modestly and do not take photos of people without permission, especially women or in remote communities.

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