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Whether you’re a practicing Sufi or simply curious, our Sufi Trip gives you the chance to enrich your mind with the ways and rituals of this mystical practice.

Sufis renounce materialism and dedicate their life to spiritual enlightenment, seeking a personal connection with God and spreading love and happiness. Those commended for their poetry, writings and deeds have been honoured with magnificent mausoleums which buzz all day with worshippers and Qawwali music.

Flat-roofed or with domes stretching towards the heavens, pristine white marble or flecked with all the colours under the sun - there’s as much diversity in the architecture of these holy tombs as there is in the cultures and ethnicities of Pakistan. Superlatives don’t do any justice to these shrines - you simply must see them for yourself.


Our Sufi Trip cherry picks the grandest, the oldest, the most ornate, most scared tombs. Beyond admiring the stunning architectural gems you’ll get to experience Sufi rituals with your own eyes.

We’ll get started by visiting the shrine of Hazrat Bari Imam Sarkar, the patron saint of North Punjab. Worshippers flock to the mausoleum from sunrise until sunset daily to leave offerings. We’ll visit the shrine of the Sufi poet Pir Mehr Ali Shah in the town of Golra Sharif, cradled in the Margalla Hills. Our first night in Islamabad gives you chance to have a group dinner and bond with your travel pals.





Prices available upon request.

Places Explored:

Islamabad, Murree, Lahore, Kusar, Pakpattan, Multan, Uch Sharif, Jhelum

Modes of Transport:

Private Bus

Sufi Trip


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