Karachi to Islamabad

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Beginning in the splendid coastal city of Karachi and concluding in capital city, Islamabad, our road trip gives you 13 days to encounter the top attractions that Pakistan has on offer as well as getting off the typical tourist route.

You’ll have the chance to camp in the wilderness of the desert, ride a camel, sail in the Arabian Sea, snorkel with exotic marine life, walk amongst salt mines, clamber through ancient Buddhist caves, trek the foothills that form the basis of the Himalayas and witness a ceremony at the Pakistan-India border.

You’ll explore mosques, museums and monuments in five cities drenched in culture and history. What’s more, you’ll get to eat all the delicious food Pakistan has to offer across it’s varied regions!

Make your own arrangements to arrive in Karachi on this day and meet your Trip Manager and fellow road-trippers in the evening at the hotel.





Prices available upon request.

Places Explored:

Karachi, Derawar Fort, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi

Modes of Transport:

Domestic Flight
Private Bus

Karachi to Islamabad


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