Top 10 Destinations in Pakistan

We’ve narrowed down our list to share our top 10 places to visit in Pakistan! To hear more, have a browse through our trip guides.

A journey through Pakistan will awaken all of your senses. From the plunging valleys of the mountain-studded north, the captivating sounds, scents and flavours of the spirited Punjab province to the embrace of its communities, Pakistan hums with heart and soul. 

Ramping up to be a major destination for intrepid wanderers, Pakistan ticks all the boxes for your next adventure. Hike through spellbinding natural beauty, be astonished by UNESCO World Heritage Sites, beguiled by Mughal gems and open your mind to mystical Sufi practices or remote mountain lifestyles.

There’s no shortage of things to see and do in Pakistan, and all adventures at Geo Tours are carefully devised to show you a bit of everything this special country has to offer. Much more than a holiday, your experience in Pakistan will transform how you see the world around you.

3 things you didn’t know about Pakistan:

Feeling intrigued? Follow us this way to hear about the best places to visit in Pakistan.

We’ve narrowed down our list to share our top 10 places to visit in Pakistan! To hear more, have a browse through our trip guides.



Pakistan’s cultural capital is an architectural time capsule which takes you back to the glorious Mughal empire. Venture within the Walled City to inhale Pakistan’s lavish heritage and check out the Badshahi and Wazir Khan Mosques and Lahore Fort. Seeing the Data Darbar lit up under the night sky before tucking into Lahore’s pungent street food is the recipe for a perfect night!

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Sleek, sophisticated, super-green, Pakistan’s capital city is surprisingly languid. Laid out as recently as the 1960s, Islamabad still feels shiny and new. The uber-modern Faisal Mosque and Pakistan Monument epitomises this contemporary city. Pause for thought in the wilderness of the Margalla Hills which cradle the city and form the foothill of the Himalayas.

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Pakistan’s former capital and its largest city, Karachi, is a bustling city with just the right level of chaos to keep you on your toes. There are hoards of architectural gems from the days of the British Raj to explore, including the Mohatta Palace Museum and Frere Hall. And when it all gets too much, escape to the soothing shoreline of the Arabian Sea.

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Skardu Top 10


Skardu Valley

The Skardu Valley is the gateway to some of Pakistan’s most phenomenal natural formations. A snow-cloaked desert, high-altitude lakes, dense alpine forests and stark, treeless plains will make you ponder the power of nature. Clap your eyes on K2, the second highest mountain in the world. Visit the Skardu Valley for tranquility, a taste of mountain life and truly astonishing scenery.

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Hunza Valley

The vast Hunza Valley is the realm of staggering glaciers, turquoise lakes and the craggy peaks of the Passu Cathedral. Every view is worthy of a postcard . Sit back and take in the views as you cruise along the Karakoram Ranges en route to the highest land border in the world to wave at China. Scramble atop ancient forts for heart-pounding views of the route of the Ancient Silk Road.

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Kalash Valley

A kaleidoscope of traditional dress and home-brewed wine greets you in the Kalash Valley. This remote community follows an animistic way of life and supposedly the Kalasha people are the descendents of Alexander the Great. The three valleys that form the region spring to life with 3 unique seasonal festivals each year. There really is nowhere in Pakistan (or the world) quite like the Kalash Valley.

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Chiniot feels completely different to every other city in Pakistan and few people have even heard of it. Its myriad of streets is best explored by rickshaw, for the chance to take in the cheerfully painted buildings that give the city so much charm and spirit. The people of Chiniot are revered for their craftsmanship, so lean in close to check out the intricate carving work.

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You can feel the spirituality, wisdom and culture seeping out of the ancient buildings in one of the oldest cities in Asia. Multan is the place to delve deep into the mystical practices of Sufism. Home to more shrines than we can list, Multan earned the nickname the City of Saints and these important shrines buzz from dawn to dusk with worshippers.

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One for the history buffs, Taxila is a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its abundance of archaeological sites – there are over 50 to explore! Back in the day, Taxila was a meeting point of three major trade routes from western Asia, eastern India and Kashmir. It was also a hub of Buddhist and Gandhara sculpture!

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This beguiling city has a colourful past, interwoven with the Nawabs of Bahawalpur and British India. It is a treasure trove of grand palaces, tombs and mosques. One of the greatest things to do around Bahawalpur is visit the Derawar Fort, an impenetrable stronghold that rises out of the Cholistan Desert and can be seen for miles across the sea of sand.

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