At Geo Tours, we know that real adventurers don’t want to simply take a photo, tick a box, and continue on your way. On a Geo tours trip, you’ll weave through the lives of the modern-day Pakistanis, eat where the locals eat and have the chance to be part of some spectacular festivities only possible in Pakistan.

Pakistan will surprise you with its cultural diversity. The country is divided in to four linguistic and cultural regions so you already know, one trip can’t cover it all! From the colourful celebrations of the Kalash community to the rhythmic Qawwalis at Sufi Shrines, there is much to blow you away. Qawwalis aren’t the only type of music Pakistan is known for. The Hunza valley chimes with the sound of Rabab and the beat of the dhol will be heard wherever there is a celebration in Punjab. Every region has its own type of folk music and dance, all different from the other.

Food forms a major part of Pakistani culture. Chai in Punjab and Sindh and Kehwa in North and South-West are an obsession that come second only to the country’s favourite sport, Cricket. Dhabbas serving these hot beverages can be found in every nook and corner and are great for chilling out or socialising. Street food is also abundant and delicious, might be a problem if you can’t handle a lot of spice though! In that case, there are enough sweets to keep you going.

Rest assured you’ll leave with as clear a picture as what your camera snaps.

Discover mouthwatering Pakistani food

All of our tours give you the chance to eat alongside Pakistanis in local restaurants and markets! Foodies will be nourished in Lahore. The cultural capital is blessed with food streets galore where you can tuck into fragrant dishes from delicious Biryani to Nihari whilst sipping on chai. Experiencing the regional delicacies is a major part of the journey with Geo Tours!

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Celebrate a unique Kalash Valley festival

The communities of the three Kalash Valleys have their own festivals that are only celebrated in this remote stretch of Pakistan, and you can join them. Young Kalasha women don vibrant traditional dress to dance and choose their husbands at the Chilam Joshi Festival. The Uchau Festival celebrates pre-harvest and is marked by consuming cheese, corn and locally made wine!

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Connect with Sufism

Seeing mystical Sufi rituals will open your eyes to the ways of the bohemian lifestyle of Sufism. Sufis dedicate their life to spreading love, creating poetry and finding enlightenment. We’ll show you shrines that buzz with worshippers from dawn until nightfall. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to hear the entrancing rhythms of traditional Qawwali music; hypnotic songs paired the tapping of tabla and quivering of the sarangi.

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Discover mouthwatering Pakistani food

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